2015 Regence Individual Policies

When you choose Regence, you’re getting a health care partner. One that can help with your needs every step of the way, from quick health information to answers about claims, and from online wellness programs to one-on-one help with serious health conditions.

Accountable Health Network

a team approach for better care

With a Regence Accountable Health Network, you work with a coordinated group of providers who all work for the same provider community and are used to working as a team – a team that collaborates, communicates and focuses on your care.

Your doctor collaborates with a wide variety of specialists and is there to help identify what care is needed.

Accountable health networks work especially well for those consumers who already seek health care services within a specific medical community. And you’ll always be involved in making decisions about your health and your treatment—because you’re the most important member of the team.

Plan Features

  • Provider choice: Members have direct access to their choice of providers. Member coinsurance levels are lowest for In-Network providers. If a member chooses an Out-of-Network provider, the member may be required to pay costs above the allowed amount.
  • In-Network office visits are not subject to the deductible on the Gold+, Silver+ and Standard Silver Plans.

Network Comparison Guide.

  • MyChoice NW (Adventist Health/Tuality Network)
  • Legacy Health Network
  • Willamette Valley Health Solutions Network
  • Mid-Valley Network
  • PPO