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*** Applications with children ***
Oregon law has changed how applications with children on them will be processed. [ more info ]
Alternative = Plans that cover alternative medicine
Accident = Plans that offer additional benefits for covered accidents
Popular = $1,000/$1,500 deductible plans plus HSA and HMO
Popular Major Med = Higher deductible plans plus HSA
HMO = Only HMO (Health Maintenance Organization) plans
HSA = Plans that qualify for opening a "Health Savings Account"
Other quoting options represent various deductible choices for PPO
and Traditional Fee for Service plans

Do not cancel your current health insurance until you receive written confirmation from the Insurance Company that your new policy is in effect. Filling out an application form does not guarantee coverage.  FAMILY/INDIVIDUAL HEALTH INSURANCE PLANS ARE NOT "GUARANTEED ISSUE" PRODUCTS AND REQUIRE MEDICAL UNDERWRITING BEFORE BEING ISSUED.